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June 27, 2012

Vintage shopping and sushi – love at every sight

Yesterday almost turned out as a perfect day, unless we hadn't had a parking ticket while shopping at a vintage store Buffalo Exchange. Santa Monica parking regulations are strict: after 6 p.m. only the ones with permission can park. In Finland it goes vice versa, you pay for parking on the street during the day, but it is free during the nights. So besides what I paid for the things I got, there's also a 60 dollar extra bill waiting, yay! Ok, I spent 2 hours in the store, so perhaps this was a wake up call for me to control my inner shopaholic.

Gina Tricot lace top, Sandro shorts, RayBan shades,
second hand hippie bag, Urban Outfitters sandals.
I found this hippie bag at a flea market in Helsinki (Valtteri).
All Maya inspired designs seem to attract me right now.

Second hand store chain Buffalo Exchange is definitely one of the best places for second hand lovers in Santa Monica. It also has many locations in 16 states in total, and 10 stores in California only, which will keep me busy! The store was full of amazing pieces, but unfortunately I was way too busy going through all the racks to take pictures.

Buffalo Exchange, 2449 Main St. in Santa Monica.

 Hungry after shopping

My friend recommended this sushi place before, so it seemed like a good option after an intense 2-hour shopping spree. We got a Dragon Roll, which includes eel (ankerias). If my dictionary had been working, I probably wouldn't have agreed on that one, but since I was comfortably unaware of what kind of fish I was putting in my mouth, I was ok. Actually liked it a lot.

Hara Sushi on Wilshire Blvd.

Left: yellowtail nigiri and fresh crab maki.
Right: Dragon Roll with eel.
Below: albacore and salmon nigiri.


  1. Nice outfit! Especially like the hippie bag :)

    I am nowadays inspired by Mayan styles as well... immediately felt in love in Ivana Helsinki's Indian Summer collection.

    Wow, you definitely find amazing second-hand clothes there. And the sushi looks delicious! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Thank you! :)

    Agreed, Indian Summer is amazing!

    This was only one of the first second-hand stores I've visited on this trip, so definitely need to get an extra suitcase for the way back. ;)