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June 21, 2012

Los Angeles loafing

On Wilshire Boulevard
Hello there dames and dudes! I've been planning to start a blog for a while now and figured an LA trip might make a good enter. My stories will be about personal style, travelling, food, interior decoration, and what not.

 Leaving on a jet plane...

SO.. this is my third day in LA (staying at my friend Javan's place in Brentwood, West LA) and will be here until the July 12th. The California bug bit me in 2007 when I came here as an exchange student. Two years ago I came back, rented an apt in Santa Monica (only a few blocks from the beach) for 3 months. And this year I'm spending my whole 4 week summer vacation here.

So far it's been mostly recovering from jetlag, couldn't really sleep during the flights. You know how annoying it is to sit next to someone who's constantly poking you JUST when you fell asleep. On Helsinki - Chicago flight I sat next to a drunk Finnish guy who kept ordering wine and placing his arm on my leg (!!!! :S). From Chicago to LA I had a window seat (=freaking cold and they didn't even have blankets!) + a huge guy next to me taking 1/3 of my space and playing some iPad game which included moving his right arm towards me all the time.

First breakfast: berries, banana and
cottage cheese


That's where the complaints end. When I arrived I had sparkling wine and berries waiting for me. Passed out after one glass next to Javan's dog, Kaiser. He made a good pillow :).

Santa Monica (through car window)

On the first day we went shopping on Wilshire for all the necessities I couldn't fit in my luggage such as shampoo. The highlight of the day was Santa Monica, it has changed so much since my last visit. The big shopping center was under construction then and now it was open, yay! And strolling on the 3rd Street Promenade (the best shopping street) again brought me back memories. 

The 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
We also went to Melrose Avenue for shopping, but hit only 3 stores before they closed. Did some good finds at Urban Outfitters. More about shopping later!

We got tickets to LA film festival for tonight, so excited to go! More about that later, too!

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