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August 28, 2013

Rocky roads - it was about time

Rocky road Lily is back with rocky roads – after a months break. ;) And also back in Blogspot after using own domain name. For a while I thought I'd get rid of the blog for good, but started missing the whole blogging thing! Probably will post only every now and then, but that's better than nothing, huh? 

Oh, and the recipe.. it's an altered version of this one.

200 g milk chocolate
20 g butter
50 g small marshmallows
1 dl cashews
1 dl Daim chocolate

1. Chop the milk chocolate and melt it with butter.
2. Chop the nuts and Daim. Mix the marshmallows, nuts and Daim with cooled chocolate (leave some marshmallows for decoration).
3. Pour the mix into a pan covered with baking paper. Sprinkle some marshmallows and nuts on top. Let set in a fridge for abot an hour. Cut in small squares.