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June 22, 2012

And what did they like of Salmiakkikossu and liquorice?

Ever wondered what to bring from Finland to your foreign friends? Salmiakki, liquorice, and Fazer chocolate? Have to admit, I followed this boring pattern with a few refreshing adds. Let's find out how Americans dug them. (Sarcasm might be included :)).

Panda Lakupala liquorice with banana, chocolate, taffy and strawberry filling.

"I love the chewy texture and the flavors remind me of trick or treating as a child" - Javan

 Fazer Turkish pepper candies

"I crushed the middle, not that bad! Little intense, but surely to wake you up if you are hungover." - Javan

"Tastes like black liquorice a.k.a nasty." - Ashlee

 Fazer Angry Birds assorted sweets 


"Angry Birds is Finnish? The candy is ok. It doesn’t taste like any fruit, tastes like it’s a manufactured flavour." - Javan

Fazer liquorice bars


"These are pretty much the same as Lakupala." - Javan

"It's actually not bad, never tasted anything like that. Doesn’t taste like regular black  liquorice. Wouldn’t buy it but would eat it if someone gave it to me." - Ashlee of Dumle bar

Forsman liquorice tea

"Maybe I didn't put enough tea in it, because the liquorice didn't dominate the flavor." - Javan

Pirkka organic white chocolate, banana almond

"Oh my God, you're kidding me, this is my favorite of these all. I'm saving a small piece to savor the flavor as long as possible! Send me more!" - Javan

"Send me this!" - Gabriella

"I don't like banana but this is good!" - Ashlee

Iittala mug HEL2012, designed by Per Josephson  


"I think I will drink whiskey out of it" - Javan

 "Comes handy with coffee :)" - Ashlee

 Pirkka Ivana Helsinki napkins, designed by Paola Suhonen 


"I feel like they are too fancy for my simple self. It did a good job wiping the crap off my face." - Javan

Globe Hope Jaakko bag, made of recycled materials 


"F*****g awesome! This is the best thing since brown paper bags! I can now drink my Mickey's 40oz in style. It's a fashion accessory for the functional alcoholic." - Javan

Salmiakki Koskenkorva

"Love it! It's like liquid candy in a bottle that tickles my stomach. Send me more, I mean it." - Javan






"It's fantastic. I feel like I'm drinking... what's that stuff called.. err.. it's fantastic, it makes me want to drink more tea." - Javan

Alvar Aalto trivet and a small piece you can lift the cover of the pot to prevent overboiling 


"Looks like an alien remote control, but it's really cool, sleek design and it makes you think. I call it wedge. And the small one is squirrel." - Javan

Porvoon Herkku liquorice with red filling (which I already finished)


"A little intense. Too much for my taste buds to adjust." - Javan

The jury has spoken. The ultimate winner of these Finnish souveniers is Pirkka white chocolate, which is made in Switzerland.


  1. Nice to hear that Pirkka white chocolate was a success :)

  2. I know! And it totally deserves all the praises it gets!

  3. It seemed that you know what do they like Salmiakkikossu and liquorice candies. I think that they would enjoy any of those sweets. I know that everyone wanted to have some sweets to eat for their own.