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February 26, 2013

Pomegranate smoothie with sunshines

Wow, the biggest gap in posts ever (in the less-than-a-year -history of my blog). A valid excuse lies right in front of your eyes: take a look at the photo below. I'm never home when it's daylight and photos taken otherwise look like they were taken in a cave and someone sprayed ugly hue on them. If I was a pro photographer this wouldn't be a problem, but since I'm not, the northern darkness has hamstringed my inspirationg to blog. It's been the darkest winter in 25 years: 50 hours of sunlight since the beginning of December. How sick is that! Anyhow, today I got a proof that sun still exists, I saw it!

Oh yes, to the point: pomegranate smoothie, made by a special friend. Mix pomegranate seeds (of 1 fruit) with a banana and cherry juice. Decorate with large coconut flakes (one of us isn't a fan, as you can tell). Tip: when in lack of sunshine, company of friends brightens your day <3.