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July 30, 2012

Sand in my toes

On one of my last days in L.A. we visited Paradise Cove in Malibu. It's a private beach you have to pay 10 dollars to get in, but for the money you get a less crowded area to enjoy the sun and you also get to bring your own drinks or buy them at a kiosk. Not that big of a deal for a Finn, though, since we wouldn't get arrested for drinking at a public beach in Finland as long as we behave well. Big deal or not, even for a person like me who doesn't drink beer, having a few sips of malt liquor in this hot weather was a total treat!

Second hand blouse, Victoria's Secret bikini, Weekday shorts, Cheap Monday shades.

July 26, 2012

Best second hand in L.A.

In L.A. you make better deals with second hand items compared to Finland. More people, more stuff to get rid of, so it's obvoious. At second hand stores in L.A. you can always see people lining up to sell their treasures to the store. That means they get a LOT of stuff to sell every day.

Based on my shopping experience in the city of angels, my recommendations for the best second hand store chains are:

1. Wasteland: Wasteland sells both second hand and new stuff, designer and generic brands. I've visited Wasteland in Santa Monica and Studio City. Shopping here is breathtaking both mentally and physichally: first, they play good music, rock and grunge, and the selection is amazing. Second: it is hard to not go through all the items, so it gets exhausting! :) Wasteland is a bit more pricey than other second hand places, so what you go here for are the edgy and personal pieces you can't find everywhere. They also have the best selection of second hand designer shoes, I found 2 pairs of beautiful Jeffrey Campbell's here. They also sell Unif, which has lately become a brand to drool over for me.

Footnote: the clerk in Santa Monica is a Kurt Cobain look-a-like ;).

 2. Crossroads: Second hand and new stuff, both designer and generic. I've visited Crossroads in Santa Monica and Studio City. For general brands and shoes Crossroads is a bit less pricey than Wasteland, and especially Santa Monica seems to have reasonably priced Marc Jacobs clutches on display almost every time I walk in. (Got one for myself, too, check the last photo of this post). You are not likely to find as unique pieces as you are at Wasteland, but then again this place is full of surprises. One good example is a pair of amazing hippie flare pants.

 3. Buffalo Exchange: Second hand stuff, both designer and generic. I've visited Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica/Venice and on La Brea Ave. Pricewise this place falls in between the upper two. Perhaps BE is not that good for finding designer items, but definitely a place worth visiting. I spent 2 hours at the Santa Monica store and got a parking ticket! If you like Converse sneakers, you will most likely find a nice, cheap pair of them here.

P.S. Am I the only one who didn't know Converse All Stars are generally called also as "Chuck Taylors"? I've never heard anyone call them that in Finland. My American pals sophisticated me with this fact and told me a basketball player Chuck Taylor used to wear and promote the brand. I guess I've never taken a closer look at the All Star logo, or I'm just blind, but somehow I've missed his signature around the star. :S

July 24, 2012

Let's go surfing now!

I bought a LivingSocial deal by Smile's Surf School before the trip for one hour surfing class. It cost 39 dollars and was held at Venice Beach. I've never tried surfing before, have never even tried skateboarding or snowboarding (only skis), but despite of that it was easier than I thought. Even the teacher (Preston, whose pic you can find on the website) was surprised of how fast I learned, yay! I actually got to stand on the board for some time and ride on the waves (not seen in the pictures :D). Definitely doing this again!

What gave me the kick to try surfing was a dark, snowy night last winter when I saw an award-winning Finnish surf film Finnsurf . It was the coldest time of year and the film really made me long for sunny waters... and live to the fullest. Not only does the film tell about surfing, but also reaching ones dreams, no matter how irrational or impossible they may seem. 

So, here I am, living my dreams and SURFING!

July 23, 2012

The legendary Viper Room

The Viper Room, a legendary nightclub on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, is a place I wanted to visit already on my last trip to L.A. It never happened, so this time I made sure we go. This rock/metal venue was opened in 1993, partially owned by Johnny Depp (<3). No later than the year of opening, River Phoenix died of a drug overdose in front of the club. Later on, young Hollywood celebrities, actors and musicians were regular guests of the club.

Both big and new names have been seen on the stage. We went to see Pink Fuzzy Animals (among others). They had only played a few months together, which was hard to believe.

I was surprised to see a Facebook post by a friend I met 2 years ago in Hollywood: her band SlowStart is playing at Viper Room this month! Wish I could see that, really like their first single I feel for you. Besides being the lead singer of the band, she's an author, a photographer and what not. Take a look at her bold blog Under L. Marie.

Second hand lace/fringe top, Machine jeans, second hand heels, second hand handbag,
Carlings leather biker jacket.

They weren't  as pink and fuzzy as I expected.

After The Viper Room we headed to The Playhouse. It is rare to hear hip hop music at L.A. clubs (wouldn't think so but it's true... it's all about house and trance nowadays), but on that Saturday they had a hip hop night with DJ Justin Credible. We danced the whole night and had tons of fun. We also bumped into Nonso Anozie (a.k.a. Xaro Xhoan Daxos from The Game of Thrones) a couple of times. He chatted and danced with us for a while and seemed to be very laid back and casual celebrity.

Justin Credible @ The Playhouse

July 18, 2012

Santa Monica Stairs

Back in Finland again! Sorry for the gap in posts, I blame jetlag. There are still a few topics from L.A. I want to share... going through these sunny pictures in rainy Helsinki makes me want to book another flight to somewhere warm :).

Santa Monica Stairs or Steps a steep wooden stairway near the beach is a popular place for exercising outdoors. It's common to go jogging on the beach first and then finish the workout at the stairs. Or vice versa. Plus a paleface like myself hits two birds with one stone: you get both a good workout and some tan!

I was told that 9 a.m. or before is the best time to hit the stairs, otherwise it gets pretty crowded and harder to keep the pace you like. But to be honest, even walking these stairs from bottom to the top made me gasp.

July 11, 2012

Party in the U.S.A.!


4th of July was on Wednesday, so the party went on from the 4th throughout the weekend. On Wednesday we went to Hermosa beach and a BBQ party afterwards.

Patriotic outfit no. 1: scarf turned into a top,  Zara jeans, Converse sneakers, RayBan shades.

PART(Y) 2 

First Fridays take place in Venice (Abbot Kinney Boulevard) on every first Friday of month. We went to see what it's like. All the stores are open late and people sell their handwork on the streets. The street sides are filled with food trucks and people lining for them, which makes the sidewalks sooo crowded. But anyhow, Venice First Fridays is a go!

After Abbot Kinney we headed to Lauren's house party nearby. Her place is amazing! The party was a great fun: traditional good ol' American house party with a dj and a beer pong table! :) 

Patriotic outfit no. 2 (apologies for the bad photo quality): Love Culture blouse, American Apparel denim shorts, vintage belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Via Spiga wedges. 

July 9, 2012

Rocking the roof

 Second hand studded denim vest, fringe top/scarf from Carlings, Forever 21 denim shorts, John West boots, RayBan shades.

 Another day for second hand shopping! I don't know about you guys, but some days I let my inner rockstar tell me what to wear. Regardless of the Mötley Crüe groupie indications I may get from friends :).

These boots are one of my favourite pairs, got them from Valtteri (flea market in Helsinki) with only 15 euros. Not a bad price for almost unused pair.

July 8, 2012

Falling for Escondido Falls

If you love beautiful nature and sweating visit Escondido Falls in Malibu. There's a nice hiking path with breathtaking views. The path is tricky and steep at times and at some points you have to use ropes to proceed, but it's definitely worth the dirty clothes and perspiration!

July 6, 2012

She's into shoes

Some of my recent shoe purchases. Most of them are second hand. Or should I say second foot?

Jeffrey Campbell clogs from Wasteland.

Jeffrey Campbell curved heels from Wasteland

Sam Edelman wedges from Crossroads.

Black heels from Crossroads.

Via Spiga wedges from Crossroads.

Wedges from Crossroads

Bonnibel wedges from a store which name I already forgot :).

Studded flats from DBShoes

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers from Buffalo Exchange (black) and Crossroads (blue).