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June 26, 2012

Hollywood night life - long drinks, short skirts

It's been a while since going out in Hollywood. On last Saturday we went to Colony for a house night. I've never been a big fan of house, trance or club music, but I was lucky to win dance classes at Helsingin Tanssiopisto last year. I took some house classes (besides hip hop and reggaeton), wasn't totally into it at first, but during a trip to Amsterdam this spring we hit a house club which really got me jAmsterdammed (our term for what the city did to us jamwise ;)). 

Colony was a nice experience, even though the dj's could have been better (thats what my friends said, I just concentrated on dancing!). After clubbing we went strolling on the Hollywood Boulevard / Walk of fame. It's funny how they make the place seem very glamorous in tv shows. It's just another street with bunch of tourist shops. Not saying I don't like it, but it's different from what I thought of it before I first went 5 years ago.

Stylewise Hollywood differs from Helsinki night life. Quite a bit. I thought I was the one wearing a short skirt :D.
American Apparel tee, Forever 21 skirt, River Island heels,
vintage clutch (by my mom)

Driving on Sunset Boulevard never bores me (well, techincally sitting on passenger seat never bores me). Good music, all the lights... let the night take flight! 

The Chinese Theater
Good night, Hollywood!

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