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August 30, 2012

Rollin' on the river

I may have said bad things about cold weather, but I have to admit there's something magical about the first days of fall. The smell, the crispy coldness... and the urge to wrap yourself up in a warm cardigan. I spent last weekend in my hometown Mikkeli, and it's become a tradition to visit the two biggest flea markets in town (Wilma & Wihtori and Reaalikirppis) everytime I travel there. This time we only had time for Wilma & Wihtori, where I found this nice blue cardigan from. That place never leaves me empty handed.   

     (Now tell me how to get the rosin out of my jeans!)

RayBan shades, second hand cardigan, second hand tee, Cubus jeans, Ellos boots.

August 29, 2012

The union of fashion and art

The Night of the Arts (Taiteiden yö) is always crowded. On my way home from work there was no way I could have not noticed the event is on again. The streets were full of people strolling around and salesmen with their small stands full of cute pieces of handwork. I thought I could take a shortcut via Senaatintori market, but as I reached the corner of it the sight reminded me of the day when Finland won the world championship in ice-hockey. The market was super crowded, because the peak of the night - a huge domino built around the city - ended there. I didn't have time to see the grande finale, since I had to rush to Amos Anderson Art Museum with friends right after a quick stop by at home. It was open to all audience due to the special night.

They have an exceptional exhibition Boutique, in which they have paired Finnish artists and fashion designers to come up with imaginative combinations of these two forms of expression. One might think that whereas art represents something long-lasting and highly valued, fashion can easily be seen as superfcial and fastly changing. For me it is hard to make difference between these two, isn't fashion design also just another form of art? 

Minna Parikka shoes + Jani Leinonen's pop art inspired wallpaper.
Performance installation called "15 %" by designer Timo Rissanen and space designer Salla Salin. In a process of making a garment, 15 % of used fabric goes to waste. You can buy t-shirts made in this "factory" with 4,95 € and you also get that 15 % of fabric with you.
Tyttöevakot: figures by artist Katja Tukiainen, clothes by designer Samu-Jussi Koski.
Short film by Paola Suhonen, onto which Mikko Ijäs has done paintings.

August 20, 2012

Flow wow wow

For the past two years I've wanted to go to Flow Festival, but for some reason never made it. This year I finally executed my long-term plan and went. The most memorable shows for me (as could be predicted) were Lykke Li, The Black Keys and Björk.

I really liked what my friends, Mari and Sini, had picked out of their wardrobes for the festival, so decided to share these pics of them with you!
Mari: Cheap Monday pants, Urban Outfitters body, Makia hoodie, Lacoste bag, Nike Dunk Wedge Sky High sneakers, shades from a friend.
Mari was super excited about her new wedge Nikes. Can't blame her, they are fabulous! :)

I love traditional Norwegian sweaters and immediately liked Sini's outfit. Can you believe it's only August and a thick sweater like that was not too much? I was wearing a coat myself and freezing my butt off! Summer, please don't go!
Sini: vintage Norwegian sweater, Stocker jeans, H&M sneakers, Fjällräven backpack, RayBan shades.

It's officially end of summer. I was cold in this almost-winter-coat. I've only worn this Finnish made coat for a few times, since I'm not sure whether I like the shoulder pads or not. They kind of make me look like a bodybuilder, huh? :)
Me: vintage jacket, H&M blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, Nature Breeze studded flats, second hand bag, Gina Tricot feather earrings, shades from Venice.

August 13, 2012

Pampering with a capital P

Yaaawn, Monday morning after three days at Flow Festival... you can definitely sense some tiredness in the air ;). I will post about the festival later, but before that I want to share some glimpses of one of the most relaxing days ever.

Aromatic massage and a 3-course menu at a nice restaurant in a good company. That's what my last Thursday was about and I can't complain. The massage felt super relaxing, especially after a glass of sparkling wine. I'm probably a weirdo since I have only been massaged once before at a salon/spa. Somehow it's not that common in Finland to treat yourself like that, you usually go if you get a gift card as a present and rather spend your money on lash extensions or artificial nails.

After the massage was time to eat. We went to a summer restaurant called Saari (=Island) at Sirpalesaari, which lies very close to Helsinki, only a few minutes ferry ride away. The whole place radiated nordic marine spirit. Especially the smell of burning wood in the fireplace made me feel cozy. And the food... delicious! It was a nice surprise to notice they had goose from Hauhala goose farm on their list. Hauhala is a small village near Mikkeli, very close to where I'm from.

Starter: goose breast fillet from Hauhala goose farm with goose liver parfait, sea-buckthorn gel and glazed apple.

Main course: fish of the day. Whitefish with chanterelle sauce and vegetables.

Dessert: apple cheesecake.

August 11, 2012

Some day I will ignore my doubts

We spent probably one of the last sunny Sundays this summer at Kaisaniemi park near downtown Helsinki. It's very close to where I live as well, so it's a perfect spot for a lazy Sunday hangout: don't need to travel too far :). Talking of sunshine, I really love these round shades I got from Venice beach boardwalk, L.A., with only 8 dollars. Should have bought two pairs since I'm pretty good at breaking my favourite sunglasses...

Then a word about the headline. You can find that sentence written on a sports field fence with big letters at the park. What I would do is to change the first two words into "today". Oh well, who am I to say anything. I can never ignore my doubts concerning the weather in Finland. 

P.S. I want that dog!

Shades from random Venice beach shop, Victoria's Secret bikini, Gina Tricot lace top, vintage flowery jeans shorts, Italian vintage bag, second hand leather shoes. 

Design Markets & Fashion Film Festival

Last week was my "Fashion week". As part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 theme, Lasipalatsi organized a several day long set of fashion-related events. I took part in the Design Market and a lecture called Fashion goes mobile. I was also supposed to go to the opening of the Fashion Film Festival to see Blow up (1966), a fashion classic by Michelangelo Antonioni, but couldn't make it. I had a friend coming over who I hadn't seen in a long time so I HAD to bake her cupcakes. I know, sounds silly, but that's what happened. Will post about the cupcakes later, they turned out delicious! :P

Everything started on Wednseday with Design Market, where Finnish designers got to present and sell their artwork. Fresh, beautiful, and innovative indeed! Here are some pics of the pieces I found most interesting.

Mari & Arrow necklaces. Me likey a lot. Take a closer look at Tumblr:

 Very interesting t-shirt designs by 19st, a group of 19 graphic students. 
Iina Vuorivirta vases. A few years ago I probably wouldn't have been that enthusiastic about these beautiful pieces of art, but recently I've noticed my inner antique lover to give room for my inner modern design seeker. 

 Kauniste towels and trays.

&Bros colorful design.

 Pogostick Failure t-shirt, design called Vilho. An interesting detail for a girl from Eastern Finland: this brand is from Kuopio. They didn't have sizes left, but I need to get this. I want this dog!

Fashion went mobile

I was glad to get invited to an event 'Fashion goes mobile' on Friday. I went with my friend Karo, who had just found a fabulous DKNY purse (see below). Besides being super nice, the size is perfect for both day and night usage :).

The idea of the day was to introduce Ivana Helsinki and software developer Sunduka co-operation. Paola Suhonen has directed a short film, Miss You My Sailor, to introduce Sunduka Ringi, a service you can visualize your phone calls with. Also, Ivana Helsinki membership card will be available mobile this fall in Sunduka's mobile card service. 

Not only does Paola design the most amazing clothes and prints, but her directions are awesome, too. Can't wait to see her first long film 7 Heaven Love Ways at Flow festival tomorrow.

 Anne Kukkohovi interviewing Paola.

Sparkling wine and strawberries afterwards!

Fashion Film Festival afterparty

Before meeting up with the friend I made the cupcakes for, we rushed to Fashion Film Festival afterparty at Ivana Helsinki store at Uudenmaankatu. Too bad we could stay only for a short while.

Fell in love with these jumpers! 

 Downstairs looked magical with blue lights and video projector. 

Running to restaurant Farang in the worst rain of this summer. The whole outfit is second hand, except the umbrella.