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June 27, 2012

Newport rooftop BBQ party

I don't know about you, but I first became familiar with the Newport Beach area scenery via the teen show O.C. (just barely over my crush on "Ryan"! ;)). Newport really is beautiful, even though we saw only a small piece of it last Sunday when we attended a nice barbeque party at a very beautiful house. The view from the rooftop was amazing! There was also a jacuzzi on the roof. It was too cold to dip in, but I could easily imagine myself sitting in hot, bubbly water with a cold drink in my hand watching the sun set far behind the rooftops...

Me: Topshop dress, Rossodisera fringe bag, Urban Outfitter sandals.
Javan: Calvin Klein shirt, Calvin Klein linen pants, RayBan shades,
Bass boat shoes.
Ashlee: GAP top, Pieces lace vest, Wefashion pants, Asos boots.
(Ashlee dug my luggage, put together this outfit and pulled it off perfectly!
Need to try that one myself one day!)

Green asparagus, pepper, beef, chicken, sweet corn and good music
coming right up! Also coconut chicken (yum!) was served.

Everyone likes Skittles, but how about Skittles mixed with vodka?
Anything with candy: yes, please!

I want this ghetto blaster! They won’t notice if I take it, will they?


  1. Heiii Seth oli parempi O.C:stä ;)

    Terkkuja ankesta Suomesta!!! :)

  2. Haha, no joo mut se ei ollu tarpeeksi rebel :D. Ja kyllä se aurinko sinnekin löytää tiensä... ainakin silloin tällöin!