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June 25, 2012

Different juhannus @ LA Film Festival

We were lucky to get tickets to LA Film Festival through a friend (thanks, Ashlee!). It was held at Nokia Center, which warmed a Finn's heart. Juhannus, the big midsummer celebration is taking place right now in Finland. This is one of the rare midsummers I'm not spending at a summer cottage swimming and grilling sausage.

The festival is about feature films that are trying to make it through to big distribution. We went to see Gayby by Jonathan Lisecki (gay himself, he gave a hilarious speech before screening). The film was superfunny, it's about long-term best friends, a woman and a gay guy, who decide to have a baby (gayby) together. Loved the dialogue and the characters! There must be so many amazing movies out there that never reach the big audience. Hope this one will!

Ready for the night:
Blouse and denim shorts from Weekday, Asos boots.

After the film, we crashed a celebrity party for an actress apparently from HBO's Game of Thrones (someone with too blonde hair and a revealing dress but don't ask me who, don't watch the show :)). Got free drinks and a nice view over L.A. downtown. We chatted with one of the waitresses until a guy with a suit came to say to her "he's leaving". Apparently she needed to escort out a guy, who had been sitting on a nearby couch. He turned out to be Quincy Jones.

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