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July 1, 2012

This gym is a gem!

I joined the David Barton gym for the month I'm in Los Angeles. We go there almost every day, and of the classes, I've already tried kickboxing, spinning, and some sort of anaerobic class. I tried kickboxing for the first time in my life and it really kicks.. um.. butt. Body combat has been my favourite sport for years, but you only get to hit and kick in the air. Attacking the bag makes the whole rampage more concrete and fun. So, as excited of it, I bought kickboxing gloves in order to continue my new hobby in Helsinki. The ones I borrowed from the gym were pretty smelly to be honest! :)

The instructors give you personal advices during classes, which is something I wish happened more often at classes back home. You definitely get more out of your exercise when you master the techniques, no matter which sport it was.

Not only does the club have great classes from yoga to zumba, but also the gym itself is neat. I've been a member in 4 sports clubs in Finland and this is the first club with a boxing ring, a boxing room with bags, stairmaster and a climbing wall. Also the facilities are great. They provide clean towels, soaps, lotions and even mouthwash and shaving razors. Lockers have mirrors, which becomes very convenient when you try to turn your face from red bean into normal after a sweaty class! There's also a spa section with sauna, steam room and a jacuzzi.

One time after an intense class I wondered where I should put the sweaty t-shirt for not wetting the whole bag. I turned around and voilà, there was a roll of bags right in front of me. Here we are at the basics of marketing: a happy customer is the one whose expectations are exceeded.

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