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August 11, 2012

Design Markets & Fashion Film Festival

Last week was my "Fashion week". As part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 theme, Lasipalatsi organized a several day long set of fashion-related events. I took part in the Design Market and a lecture called Fashion goes mobile. I was also supposed to go to the opening of the Fashion Film Festival to see Blow up (1966), a fashion classic by Michelangelo Antonioni, but couldn't make it. I had a friend coming over who I hadn't seen in a long time so I HAD to bake her cupcakes. I know, sounds silly, but that's what happened. Will post about the cupcakes later, they turned out delicious! :P

Everything started on Wednseday with Design Market, where Finnish designers got to present and sell their artwork. Fresh, beautiful, and innovative indeed! Here are some pics of the pieces I found most interesting.

Mari & Arrow necklaces. Me likey a lot. Take a closer look at Tumblr:

 Very interesting t-shirt designs by 19st, a group of 19 graphic students. 
Iina Vuorivirta vases. A few years ago I probably wouldn't have been that enthusiastic about these beautiful pieces of art, but recently I've noticed my inner antique lover to give room for my inner modern design seeker. 

 Kauniste towels and trays.

&Bros colorful design.

 Pogostick Failure t-shirt, design called Vilho. An interesting detail for a girl from Eastern Finland: this brand is from Kuopio. They didn't have sizes left, but I need to get this. I want this dog!

Fashion went mobile

I was glad to get invited to an event 'Fashion goes mobile' on Friday. I went with my friend Karo, who had just found a fabulous DKNY purse (see below). Besides being super nice, the size is perfect for both day and night usage :).

The idea of the day was to introduce Ivana Helsinki and software developer Sunduka co-operation. Paola Suhonen has directed a short film, Miss You My Sailor, to introduce Sunduka Ringi, a service you can visualize your phone calls with. Also, Ivana Helsinki membership card will be available mobile this fall in Sunduka's mobile card service. 

Not only does Paola design the most amazing clothes and prints, but her directions are awesome, too. Can't wait to see her first long film 7 Heaven Love Ways at Flow festival tomorrow.

 Anne Kukkohovi interviewing Paola.

Sparkling wine and strawberries afterwards!

Fashion Film Festival afterparty

Before meeting up with the friend I made the cupcakes for, we rushed to Fashion Film Festival afterparty at Ivana Helsinki store at Uudenmaankatu. Too bad we could stay only for a short while.

Fell in love with these jumpers! 

 Downstairs looked magical with blue lights and video projector. 

Running to restaurant Farang in the worst rain of this summer. The whole outfit is second hand, except the umbrella.


  1. I need to get that frenchie t-shirt. i am obsessed.

  2. Ivana Helsinki going mobile? Did you test that Ringi? by the way love those boots!trying to find boots like that, any tips?

  3. Yes, their membership card will be mobile, and as far as I understood, that's the first fashion-related membership card in Finland that does it. Unfortunately they don't have Ringi for iPhone yet, but as they showed how it works, it looked easy and fun.

    Thanks! Those boots were a random find at Valtteri flea market. If you buy them new they are pretty pricey, so I suggest visiting flea markets (I tend to make good finds at Valtteri, Jäähalli and Hietsu) and also It's a risk to buy shoes without trying them on first, but if they don't fit you can always sell them again ;). Hope you find a nice pair! :)