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August 20, 2012

Flow wow wow

For the past two years I've wanted to go to Flow Festival, but for some reason never made it. This year I finally executed my long-term plan and went. The most memorable shows for me (as could be predicted) were Lykke Li, The Black Keys and Björk.

I really liked what my friends, Mari and Sini, had picked out of their wardrobes for the festival, so decided to share these pics of them with you!
Mari: Cheap Monday pants, Urban Outfitters body, Makia hoodie, Lacoste bag, Nike Dunk Wedge Sky High sneakers, shades from a friend.
Mari was super excited about her new wedge Nikes. Can't blame her, they are fabulous! :)

I love traditional Norwegian sweaters and immediately liked Sini's outfit. Can you believe it's only August and a thick sweater like that was not too much? I was wearing a coat myself and freezing my butt off! Summer, please don't go!
Sini: vintage Norwegian sweater, Stocker jeans, H&M sneakers, Fjällräven backpack, RayBan shades.

It's officially end of summer. I was cold in this almost-winter-coat. I've only worn this Finnish made coat for a few times, since I'm not sure whether I like the shoulder pads or not. They kind of make me look like a bodybuilder, huh? :)
Me: vintage jacket, H&M blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, Nature Breeze studded flats, second hand bag, Gina Tricot feather earrings, shades from Venice.


  1. The wedges are fabulous and the vintage jacket as well!

    I launched a new blog - again... :)

  2. toi norjalainen villapaita on ihana. tulee mieleen ala- yläaste ajat :)

  3. Thanks, H! Like your new blog! :)

    Nita, niimpä. Mulla oottelee kaapissa harmaa versio syysviimoja!