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July 24, 2012

Let's go surfing now!

I bought a LivingSocial deal by Smile's Surf School before the trip for one hour surfing class. It cost 39 dollars and was held at Venice Beach. I've never tried surfing before, have never even tried skateboarding or snowboarding (only skis), but despite of that it was easier than I thought. Even the teacher (Preston, whose pic you can find on the website) was surprised of how fast I learned, yay! I actually got to stand on the board for some time and ride on the waves (not seen in the pictures :D). Definitely doing this again!

What gave me the kick to try surfing was a dark, snowy night last winter when I saw an award-winning Finnish surf film Finnsurf . It was the coldest time of year and the film really made me long for sunny waters... and live to the fullest. Not only does the film tell about surfing, but also reaching ones dreams, no matter how irrational or impossible they may seem. 

So, here I am, living my dreams and SURFING!


  1. Replies
    1. Sitä se olikin! Ja vesi oli niin lämmintä... etenkin märkäpuku päällä :).

  2. ihana postaus! :) mäkin tahdon ehdottomasti joskus kokeilla surffaamista!

    1. Kiitti! Suosittelen lämpimästi, ainakin tollasta matalaa rantaa ja pieniä aaltoja... isommissa ois voinu alkaa jänskättää :).