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July 6, 2012

She's into shoes

Some of my recent shoe purchases. Most of them are second hand. Or should I say second foot?

Jeffrey Campbell clogs from Wasteland.

Jeffrey Campbell curved heels from Wasteland

Sam Edelman wedges from Crossroads.

Black heels from Crossroads.

Via Spiga wedges from Crossroads.

Wedges from Crossroads

Bonnibel wedges from a store which name I already forgot :).

Studded flats from DBShoes

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers from Buffalo Exchange (black) and Crossroads (blue).


  1. Nice shoes! And great that most of 'em are 2ndhand. I also prefer buying second hand shoes. Too bad only that often it's easy to find a lovely pair of ones, but the size doesn't match...

    The Converses are nice, I also recently found second-hand Converses. The're off-white, so not the most practical color to wear. Your blue & black ones are cool!

  2. Thanks! Oh it's so frustrating when you see a perfect pair of shoes that don't fit... been there so many times! Sometimes ending up buying the shoes for friend as a gift.