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July 18, 2012

Santa Monica Stairs

Back in Finland again! Sorry for the gap in posts, I blame jetlag. There are still a few topics from L.A. I want to share... going through these sunny pictures in rainy Helsinki makes me want to book another flight to somewhere warm :).

Santa Monica Stairs or Steps a steep wooden stairway near the beach is a popular place for exercising outdoors. It's common to go jogging on the beach first and then finish the workout at the stairs. Or vice versa. Plus a paleface like myself hits two birds with one stone: you get both a good workout and some tan!

I was told that 9 a.m. or before is the best time to hit the stairs, otherwise it gets pretty crowded and harder to keep the pace you like. But to be honest, even walking these stairs from bottom to the top made me gasp.

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