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August 29, 2012

The union of fashion and art

The Night of the Arts (Taiteiden yö) is always crowded. On my way home from work there was no way I could have not noticed the event is on again. The streets were full of people strolling around and salesmen with their small stands full of cute pieces of handwork. I thought I could take a shortcut via Senaatintori market, but as I reached the corner of it the sight reminded me of the day when Finland won the world championship in ice-hockey. The market was super crowded, because the peak of the night - a huge domino built around the city - ended there. I didn't have time to see the grande finale, since I had to rush to Amos Anderson Art Museum with friends right after a quick stop by at home. It was open to all audience due to the special night.

They have an exceptional exhibition Boutique, in which they have paired Finnish artists and fashion designers to come up with imaginative combinations of these two forms of expression. One might think that whereas art represents something long-lasting and highly valued, fashion can easily be seen as superfcial and fastly changing. For me it is hard to make difference between these two, isn't fashion design also just another form of art? 

Minna Parikka shoes + Jani Leinonen's pop art inspired wallpaper.
Performance installation called "15 %" by designer Timo Rissanen and space designer Salla Salin. In a process of making a garment, 15 % of used fabric goes to waste. You can buy t-shirts made in this "factory" with 4,95 € and you also get that 15 % of fabric with you.
Tyttöevakot: figures by artist Katja Tukiainen, clothes by designer Samu-Jussi Koski.
Short film by Paola Suhonen, onto which Mikko Ijäs has done paintings.


  1. I am also planning to go to see Boutique in the near future. Thanks for the little "sneak peak"! :)

  2. Yeah, you have plenty of time to do that! And there's a lot more to see, e.g. a dance show we unfortunately missed :/.