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August 30, 2012

Rollin' on the river

I may have said bad things about cold weather, but I have to admit there's something magical about the first days of fall. The smell, the crispy coldness... and the urge to wrap yourself up in a warm cardigan. I spent last weekend in my hometown Mikkeli, and it's become a tradition to visit the two biggest flea markets in town (Wilma & Wihtori and Reaalikirppis) everytime I travel there. This time we only had time for Wilma & Wihtori, where I found this nice blue cardigan from. That place never leaves me empty handed.   

     (Now tell me how to get the rosin out of my jeans!)

RayBan shades, second hand cardigan, second hand tee, Cubus jeans, Ellos boots.