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August 11, 2012

Some day I will ignore my doubts

We spent probably one of the last sunny Sundays this summer at Kaisaniemi park near downtown Helsinki. It's very close to where I live as well, so it's a perfect spot for a lazy Sunday hangout: don't need to travel too far :). Talking of sunshine, I really love these round shades I got from Venice beach boardwalk, L.A., with only 8 dollars. Should have bought two pairs since I'm pretty good at breaking my favourite sunglasses...

Then a word about the headline. You can find that sentence written on a sports field fence with big letters at the park. What I would do is to change the first two words into "today". Oh well, who am I to say anything. I can never ignore my doubts concerning the weather in Finland. 

P.S. I want that dog!

Shades from random Venice beach shop, Victoria's Secret bikini, Gina Tricot lace top, vintage flowery jeans shorts, Italian vintage bag, second hand leather shoes. 

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