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August 13, 2012

Pampering with a capital P

Yaaawn, Monday morning after three days at Flow Festival... you can definitely sense some tiredness in the air ;). I will post about the festival later, but before that I want to share some glimpses of one of the most relaxing days ever.

Aromatic massage and a 3-course menu at a nice restaurant in a good company. That's what my last Thursday was about and I can't complain. The massage felt super relaxing, especially after a glass of sparkling wine. I'm probably a weirdo since I have only been massaged once before at a salon/spa. Somehow it's not that common in Finland to treat yourself like that, you usually go if you get a gift card as a present and rather spend your money on lash extensions or artificial nails.

After the massage was time to eat. We went to a summer restaurant called Saari (=Island) at Sirpalesaari, which lies very close to Helsinki, only a few minutes ferry ride away. The whole place radiated nordic marine spirit. Especially the smell of burning wood in the fireplace made me feel cozy. And the food... delicious! It was a nice surprise to notice they had goose from Hauhala goose farm on their list. Hauhala is a small village near Mikkeli, very close to where I'm from.

Starter: goose breast fillet from Hauhala goose farm with goose liver parfait, sea-buckthorn gel and glazed apple.

Main course: fish of the day. Whitefish with chanterelle sauce and vegetables.

Dessert: apple cheesecake.