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November 18, 2012

The cool wool

We celebrated Father's day last weekend in my hometown. In order to stay fair, this post goes out for my mom. :) I realised I had packed several things made by her in my suitcase. I'm most likely not the only one who thinks there are really no better gifts than self-made ones. No matter what it was a card, handicraft or baked goods – the idea of the giver having put some effort into the gift is respectable.

I like the scarf because it's superlong and you can wrap it around your neck many times. The mittens are cute and perfect for the first crispy winter days. The socks are my favourites of these, actually asked Santa to bring me another pair! ;) The Norwegian sweater is from a thrift store, as well as the boots.


  1. onko mikkelissä jo luna?? ihanan lämpöset villaset!

  2. Ihania kutomuksia! Muistan, kun pyysit teidän äitiltä tuota megapitkää kaulahuivia. :)

    1. Dängjuu! Heh, ei näytä pyynnöille tulevan loppua. Voi mamma-raukkaa :).