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November 26, 2012

Nuts over nuts – pecan coconut cake

Everything delicious is unhealthy, period. Except one exception: nuts! They may be calorie bombs, but still good for you. My ultimate favourites are coconut, cashews and pecans, so after I found a recipe called 'pecan coconut cake' last fall I had no choice but to try it. I already started to plan what I'll bake for Christmas, and this sweetie has a huge potential to end up on the table. Even though I usually always want to try new recipes. We'll see!

PECAN COCONUT CAKE (in Finnish here)


200 g margarin 
3 dl sugar
3 eggs
4 dl wheat flour
70 g pecan nuts
1 dl coconut flakes
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
2 dl whipped cream

Filling and frosting

75 g margarin
6 dl icing sugar
300 g cream cheese
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar


200 g pecan nuts
(I added some cinnamon on top) 

1. Whip soft margarin with sugar. Add eggs one by one while whipping.
2.  Mix flours, crunched nuts, coconut flakes, baking powder and vanilla sugar together. Add the blend into the dough in turns with cream. 
3. Grease and flour a cake tin (diameter about 22 cm). Make the surface even. Bake in 175 Celcius at the lowest level in oven for about an hour. Turn the cake when it has cooled down a bit. Then let it cool entirely.
4. Mix soft margarin, icing sugar, cream cheese and vanilla sugar together with a mixer until smooth. 
5. Cut the cake in three layers. Spread the filling on every layer, on top and on the sides of the cake. Decorate with pecan nuts. Cake stays juicy for several days when stored in a fridge.


  1. herkullisen näköinen! vaikken pidä kookoksesta, paitsi sen tuoksusta. tein pikku maininnan susta mun blogissa! ilmoittele millon sulle sopii ne kuvaus sessiot! :) muutenkin miss you.

  2. Kävinkin jo kommentoimassa! Kiitos kauniista sanoista, appreciate it :). Lauantait näyttäis aika buukatuilta mut esim. 9.12. sunnuntai vois passata tai 16. päivä.

  3. mulle vois se 16 päivä sopia! mut sun kantsii pitää kyllä tää sellasena style ja lifestyle blogina. musta tälläne konsepti toimii. ja edelleen kannatan lookbookkiin menemistä. perhanan addiktoivaa! :D

  4. Voishan sitä lookbookia miettiä, ku ois aikaa! :S Palataan tohon päpivään!