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March 14, 2013

T-Rex-T, ROAR!

I visited an old fashionholic friend last Saturday. She is selling some of her treasures and I was lucky to be one of the first ones to burrow my hands into them. I left her place with eg. an Unif coat and Jeffrey Campbell shoes, which will most likely appear in my coming posts.

This is what I wore, mostly old second hand finds, of which the radest is definitely the T-Rex-Tee! So random but funny at the same time. Sometimes it's just fun to wear whatever, since the stuff I wear at work at the office is so boring. The boots are actually a bit too big for me, but since they were so cool and made in Italy = quality, I needed to make a 3 euro investment. The warm gloves save my cold winter days. I got them from a nice second hand store Episode in Amsterdam where they recycle materials of old garments. These gloves have prolly been a coat back in the days. I also got a leather biker jacket made of leather pants from the same place. The leather handbag is from London, second hand as well. Couldn't resist its color play! Speaking of which, saw Alegra by Cirque du Soleil tonight. It totally brightened this busy workweek!

H&M jacket and Vero Moda pants, RayBan shades, second hand leather bag from London, recycled material gloves from Episode, second hand beanie and leather boots.