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October 18, 2012

Let the cheese melt!

I admit, clubbing is fun. BUT so is a night spent indoors with fabulous friends, good food and fine wine! We got invited to a friend's house in Porvoo, a small city about a 45 minute ride from Helsinki. The Friday night started with glasses of sparkling wine and went on with preparation of the meal, which we cooked with a raclette grill. All sorts of cheese, meat, sausages, pickled onions, tomatoes, shrimps, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic... am I forgetting something? Oh, and wine :).

Who would have believed all the energy we got after a day at work. Despite staying up late, we hit the city on Saturday. Ok, only in the afternoon, but still. The old city with its architecture and small boutiques and cafes is like a fairytale village straight from Astrid Lingren's books. Can't wait to get there at Christmas time again.

We visited several little stores, of which the Little chocolate factory is one of my favourites (who would have known). From the store, you can see them making the chocolate right behind the glass wall. I got blueberry and cardamom truffles, yum! They also have white chocolate mustard, random but could work as a gift.

We finished our visit with cups of coffee and apple pie at Cafe Helmi, a lovely little place with beautiful furnishings. Helmi (Pearl) is also my dear, dear grandmom's name, so kind of liked it before even stepping in :). They use dishes most of us have seen at our grandparents' house and the whole atmosphere is like decades back. After travelling in time we had to return to hectic Helsinki. Everyday rat race, here I come again!


  1. Porvoo is lovely!
    It's been a while I've visited there. Have to go! Little Chocolate Factory is my favourite as well.

  2. It is! Wonder if they already have decorated everything for Christmas in the old town...