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September 20, 2012

Habitare – let's make it a habit

I visited Habitare – an annual furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Helsinki – for the first time the past weekend. Obviously the place was full of wonderful design, so could only pick a few favourites to present here. Since I live in a 30 square meter apartment, I have pretty much done all the furnishings that can be done. Thus, my interest leaned toward small decoration stuff. And what actually ended up in my shopping cart was cupcake tins, cake pop sticks and gingerbread forms from Iloinen keittiö (=Happy kitchen). 

Design House Stockholm
Jukka Rintala textile
Aava – timeless living
I was delighted to see a fair stand by Savesta, a small pottery from Porvoo. A few co-workers and I visited the pottery last winter, because one my colleagues knows the designer. It was interesting to see the place and hear about the making of these beautiful pieces. For example, the sparkles on the vase above are made by throwing grains into it during the production. These kind of stands with handmade Finnish design both get my 100 percent respect and stand out at the fair among imported, impersonal stuff.

Little bunnies with message signs by Savesta. Cute! :).
Slow Factory espresso/tea cups with sugar/tea bag holder. 
Ari Markkola
Finlayson wall of blogs
This wall was one of the must-sees at this fair for me. Finlayson challenged three Finnish bloggers to decorate one of their rooms with Finlayson products. One of those bloggers is my dear friend Kaisa (the one on the left), who has an amazing blog, take a look: No home without you. She did amazing job, way to go, Kaisa! :)
My absolute favourite is the picture on the right, plain and cozy at the same time.


  1. <3 Kiitos. Oli hauska projekti. :) Sai vähän vipinää makkarin laittoon.

  2. Varppina. Tahtoo nähdä livenä myös asap! :)